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le mie mani
(includes "Hidden Realities " catalogue)

Not the day torn apart by lightning
that lights up the wall with brambles,
or the sullen eyes of brothers
in back streets with an absurd, empty gaze,
will be able to restrain the strenght of my hand
when my shouts break up all the clouds
up to the virgin reaches of the skies.
My hands rise to wipe away the drops
from my tear-filled eyes.
I canno longer live without
bursting the banks of the silent river;
I can no longer live
without climbing up.
Lime, glass, blood close my hands...

Giuseppe Caprara

The hands of the artist clutch like hooks at the crumbling wall strewn with shattered glass. It is a superhuman effort to reach the land as light as hope visible beyond the wall. His hands become wounds, the thorns press deep into the flesh, they seem to cry otu with the great exertion, like that of the knotted tree trunk. The skin is torn open with the wounds, blood gushes. It is the authebtic blood the artist has squeezed from his veins in the name of ruth, so that tomorrow solitary flowers might grow up in the grass.

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