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"...One night I was born" >>
This biography, which has been adopted as a textbook for the Italian Middle Schools, spans the first 25 years of the life of the artist. Italian and English text, is priced at € 25 shipping and handling included.
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"Twice crucified" >>
This biography spans the second 25 years of the life of the artist, with a
preface by Dario Fo and Franca Rame.
"Look at me! I describe myself without false modesty, but you have to look at me without hypocritical compassion. Look at me and get angry with me and if you are seriously angry because of my two crucifixions, then you will be able to love me." [...]
Price is € 25, shipping and handling included.
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"My hands" >>
The painter’s hands grapple on the wall top studded with broken glass shards. It is a superhuman effort towards a land as light as Hope that he perceives beyond the wall.
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"Sap in the bramble" >>
Daniele Scaglioni is so deeply steeped in poetry and colour to make is mission to become a painter of beautiful things. This book looks at ten years of his work, 350 paintings, the most beautiful gifts of Daniele to his friends.
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Twice crucified +
One night I was born
50,00 €
Twice crucified 25,00 €
One night I was born 25,00 €

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