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The Foundation is a non-profit organization and its mission is pursuing activities in the areas of social welfare and medical care, scientific research and the promotion of the arts and culture, with special attention with the needs of permanently disabled persons.

Specific tasks of the Foundation are:

  1. Creating and managing specifically equipped holiday residences for disabled persons;
  2. Organizing, in said residences, national and international conferences centered on advances in medical care for the disabled;
  3. Promote the work of disabled artists;
  4. Put into effect servicings in favour of disabled persons;

The Foundation will also pursue other activities, according to its charter. The Foundation will finance itself by promoting the work of disabled artists, like Daniele Scaglioni, organizing exhibits, museums and other events.
The Foundation will not engage in other activities except as above indicated. The first task the Foundation will pursue is building a first residence for the disabled on the land that it owns in Riva Ligure. The residence and its facilities will be specifically designed to house the disabled guaranteeing the, their friends and families the highest possible degree of autonomy. The residence will be the seat of national and international conferences regarding the medical care of the disabled, organized by the Foundation. The conferences, and like events will, if needed, be financed by sponsorships of the medical industry. The residence will be available for group meetings of disabled persons with like disabilities that will be able to be visited in the residence and at their expenses, by medical professionals, thereby saving part of the expenses that are normally associated with this kind of occurrences. The Foundation will own the residence: the fees will be such as to cover costs and guarantee a profit that may support the Foundation activity, with a 15% discount for disabled guests from Trento, as a token of gratitude for the attention and support that they always tributed to Daniele Scaglioni and its work. The Foundation will try to accommodate all the requests from disabled persons, and set the maximum stay duration accordingly.
The Foundation will, according to its financial capabilities, strive to house the needy disabled for free or at a substantial discount, and will, to this end, set aside 10% of its facilities. Every two years, the Foundation will offer a free, month long stay to a Jordan disabled and his or her escort, designated by the Jordan government.

In pursuit of its mission the Foundation will create the Hidden Realities Museum “Museo Maestro Daniele Scaglioni - Realtà Nascoste” by the purchase of a villa and adjoining park, which will house exhibits of disabled artists and other events that will further the recognition of the work of Daniele Scaglioni and other disabled artists. The museum and the exhibits will be organized by art experts hired to this end by the Foundation.

Santo Stefano al Mare, 1999 september 22th.

President of the Foundation
Maestro Daniele Scaglioni



To contact Mr.Daniele Scaglioni:
Cellulare: 338 6662250
Studio: +39 059 225357
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