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Daniele Scaglioni vas born in Montagnana di Serramazzoni (Modena) on 22th of september 1949.
His art develops along with his life of suffering and becomes his fight for dignified human survival: infact his unrestrainable vitality was punished and constrained by the impossibility of freely moving his members.
When Daniele was six he found itself taken away from the love of his family, not capable of ensuring him the material assistance he needed: his family is costrained to entrust him to the extraneous care of a specialized institute. This was, for Daniele, the first discrimination, followed by endless desperate moments of solitude and distress.
His youth became illuminated with hope when his thoughts were concretized in a figurative form, hardly sketched with the brush held between his lips, but already preluding his innate creativeness. In meetings with other artists, both in Italy and abroad, interesting debates born, where Daniele Scaglioni's personality, pictorical and human, gave rise clearly.
So born works of singular eloquence ad deep social impact, that rise to the sun that hidden realities that too often the collective consciouness tend to ignorate, if not to remove from its thoughts, but in moments of TV pity. About this, Giancarlo Fusco wrote: "I came out of pity, but he can really paint. His misfortune is his business, my interest is in his painting."
Presently Daniele Scaglioni split his time between Emilia's fogs and Riviera's mildness, dedicating time stolen to art to the defence of impaired's rights.
For a more exhaustive biography of Daniele Scaglioni you can read the book written in 1977 by Giuseppe Caprara: A night I was born.


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