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una notte io sono nato
(includes the painting catalogue)

Abstract from " Sap in the bramble "

From the preface, by Raffaele de Grada

“Daniele Scaglioni is so deeply steeped in poetry and colour to make is mission to become a painter of beautiful things. This book looks at ten years of his work, 350 paintings, the most beautiful gifts of Daniele to his friends. Before meeting him in person I saw his paintings, his drawings. They contained an unusual message, they contained pain, but instead of being expressed shouting, the pain was tempered by the love for the faces even as they were frowning, and for the landscapes, even as their trees were often bare.

Always a whole man, proud of his will and of his work, Daniele Scaglioni never gave in to self pity or to other peoples’ compassion, not even when the fight was hardest. This shows in his painting, so distant from any sentimentalism. Rigorous as a man and as an artist, he has been lauded by the critics, even by Guttuso (ever so spare in critical appraisals). The words that were spoken about his work, regardless of the judgement they expressed, proved to Daniele that his battle, even in his work, had been won….” [...]


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