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Daniele Scaglioni’s paintings looks at Nature in its purity. The landscapes, huts lost in the luxuriant greenery of th forest, shimmer of the warm colors of the artists’ powerful chromatic sensitivity. The sign is faint and it nearly vanishes behind the color, lingering as if in a sweet reverie.

Daniele Scaglioni will not leave reality for some dream: he’d rather infuse his paintings of reality infusing it with a universal, metaphysical sense of Time. It’s poetry, it’s an offering of songs made to human suffering (what can be more real than pain?). Yet it is never escape or renunciation. They convey incitation, courage, faith, even sometimes the anger and frustration of someone who believes in humanity even when he is tired and anguished and lonely and profoundly unhappy.

Illustrious critics (Giulio Argan), writers (Alberto Moravia, Indro Montanelli) and painters (Renato Guttuso, Pablo Picasso) looked with interest at Daniele’s work:

So Guttuso, the great Sicilian master:
"What you have showed clearly demonstrates that you are not merely an amateur painter, it shows dedication in spotting poetry in nature, in landscapes, in flowers, joining that current that observes the relationship between Nature and Man…."
"…to those who live through a difficult youth, painting, poetry and the arts can be a great help and acquire a special value. But it would be a mistake to look at your work just as a form of psychological help: your painting simply speaks for itself".

Paintings by Daniele Scaglioni.
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"Hidden Realities"
Paintings in this section are property of the Daniele Scaglioni Foundation, in support of the physically disabled.
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"Hidden Realities, a dream: the museum "
This work should not be closeted, as in shame. It must leave the shadow and explode in full light. These is going to be the reason of the Museum, operated by the the Daniele Scaglioni Foundation...
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