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Hidden Reality is the title given by Daniele Scaglioni to a collection of 36 great works about handicap.
They are dramatic paintings: faces and bodies of people suffering, without fault, pains of hell. Words are not enough.
People must see this reality to understand their cruel message.

These paintings don't have to stay closed into a wardrobe as a shame.
They must bring into the sunlight and blow up openly.
They must be exhibit into a suitable museum created by "Fondazione Maestro Daniele Scaglioni".
People must look at those faces without pitifuls if it wants to save itself.

Is there in the earth a man, an authority, a great Maecenas who wants to bind his name with these images?
Is there someone able to hear their heartbeat?
Is there someone able to built a new museum, with pearmanently open doors, where 36 paintings - now lying on the night's shadow - will be showed?Incontro con Ciampi

Daniele is firmly convinced that this heartly, openminded man, exists.
Daniele is persuaded that he will find the way to the donation of museum, exclusive in the world, about human suffering.
Daniele is waiting someone calling him on telephone and saying: "Here I am: let's begin right now!".

To confirmation of the tenacity of Daniele also the words of the former President of Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi:

"...Daniele will find even the narrowest of openings, if exists, and he will enter to realise something important. His tenacity will win once again and the tale continue ".

Is it not for others, for us, to create this narrow?
... to enable for the last scene beyond Daniele's solitary waiting to become a work for many people?
... a really shared last scene?

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